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About Us

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Our story

Kamparo B.V. was formed as a joint-venture between Hans Vermeer and Guido van der Meer. Combined, Kamparo has over 30 years of trade experience in European retail. We are specialised in non-food retail products and works directly with brand owners and manufacturers to ensure the shortest route from source to customer. Quality and price are key to our selection. With offices in Italy and the Netherlands Kamparo can ensure a high service level. A close collaboration with local sales agents ensures the necessary knowledge of the products and local markets. Flexibility is our core competence; customers, and their needs, differ and Kamparo is here to fulfil these.

We focus on a large number of clients such as resellers, retail stores, retail chains, warehouses and e-tailers. The assortment consists of more than 2000 products including electronics, lightning, toys, gadgets, daily living aids, camping and outdoor products, cupcake and bakery and licensed products. Almost every product is stock kept in stock in Europe throughout the season and ready for immediate delivery. The fully automated connection between the warehouse and the offices ensures fast and efficient order picking and packing. Our showroom is over 150m2 and contains most products sold by Kamparo, displayed and categorised by brand and product type.

Kamparo guarantees that all our products meet the most recent European guidelines and legal standards when it comes to production, packaging and labour. We recognise our worldwide responsibility when it comes to labour and environment and therefore make sure that all parties involved in the manufacturing and shipping process take part in the BSCI initiative.

Feel free to contact us today for a quote or a visit. +31 (0)854 891 077 or email us here.

Kamparo Sales Contacts


Guido van der Meer – The Netherlands

Hans Vermeer – The Netherlands 

Diederik Strack – The Netherlands

Robbert de Blok – The Netherlands

Paolo Giacomello – Italy